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Founded as a tourism services company in 1993, BalearicStay has become the exclusive tourism services platform in the Balearic Islands.

We offer custom, unforgettable experiences. We show the secrets of Mallorca to our visitors, with the promise of keeping discretion and complicity between good hosts and their preferred guests.

Because we were born here, we know Mallorca like nobody else, and we can guide you to the most concealed sites of our island and culture.


Joanaina Perelló

Creator and director – BalearicStay


Our values

We are as passionate about traveling as we are about hosting visitors.

My name is Joanaina Perelló and I have a technical diploma in tourism companies and activities.

I started BalearicStay aiming for each tourist to keep the best memories of Mallorca, those same memories that would bring them back.

From my personal motivation I consider each guest unique, deserving a special treatment. I believe in a personal relationship, many times disregarded nowadays. Direct treatment is the best way to give the best services.

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